Those who accept their fate find happiness, those who defy it, glory.

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Blessings for drifterskip
I count my blessings daily
and I'm not sorry with the sum,
'cause I've got a life worth living,
and I'm not remaining dumb.*

For into every life, a little rain must form,
As flowers need the water,
Like rainbows need the sun,
and it's silly to add my tears to the totals from the storm.

Sometimes life is cookies,**
sometimes it kicks you in the teeth,
because it's love*** and hope and
laughter, misery and grief.

So when I'm feeling down and out,
this little song I'll hum,
because I count my blessings daily,
and I'm not sorry with the sum!

*dumb as in mute. There was lamenting about not posting anything to lj.
**cookies as in sweet, but also tough cookies.
***replace with friends, joy, or pain as you feel moved.

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::grins:: Aye, that we are, at that.

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